are athletes paid too much essay

Elite Athletes are Being Paid too Much Essay. 966 Words 4 Pages. Are elite athletes/sports men or women being paid too much if not how are there high salaries justified, if so, why, and how could there money be put to better use? To most people one million dollars a lot of money, to most people one thousand dollars is a
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Essay. Overpaid Pro Athletes. Pro Athletes over the world are paid millions of dollars to play a sport, while people like firemen or police are risking their lives every day are paid not even close to these athletes. These Athletes make millions for just playing a game, teachers are working 7 days a week, grading papers and
Definitely too much. I know athletes put a lot of time and effort into becoming famous, professional athletes, but I think it is unfair that actual "helpful" jobs get paid less than the athletes. Even the president makes less then famous athletes. There are other jobs in the world such as police officers, firefighters, doctors, and
In todays society, the highest paying job is performing as a professional athlete, this is not taking in consideration of sports such as fencing, minor league baseball, D-league basketball, etc. When I use the term professional athlete I'm refering to the big three American sports baseball, basketball, and American football.
What comes to mind if someone mentions entertainer or an athlete? People think of their lavish lifestyle, and their salaries are excessive. Many say that athletes and entertainers live in a care free world by all the money they make and that their job isn't that hard to do. Although some people say that people who contribute to
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